Fear Is the Mind Killer

About Jeffrey Davis + Davisphere

Davisphere is the website for my art portfolio, photography and links to my art columns written for Beacon Media publications.  I'm  a self taught artist; painting and drawing since I can remember.  I grew up in Golden Valley Minnesota and have lived in Philadelphia, Chicago, New York and currently reside in Los Angeles. I moved to LA in 2003 to escape NY's cold winters and humid summers and gain exposure to the exciting world of earthquakes, fire, mud slides and drought.

My work is primarily abstract and figurative with a touch of surrealism at times.  The works on glass (20" x 20") are usually painted on the reverse side, predominately with acrylics and oil.  The fast drying nature and plasticity of acrylics allows one to cut through previous layers and create transparency or insertion of additional imagery.  I love the randomness of working on glass and watching the colors intermix which is especially evident in the Anti-Gravity series.  I never know the exact result until I look at the other side.  It's fluid dynamics, thermodynamics and fractal geometry at work with assistance from the artist. 

The current body of work focusses on Climate Change and the immediate impact on the canyon's of Southern California.  The paintings are abstractions based on U.S. Geological Service maps of the specific site topographies.  Each work on glass is painted on both sides reflecting our changing seasons:  Drought, Fire, Rain, Mudslide.  The mirror box framing reflects the reverse side of the painting and the viewer themselves, because we are the cause of the change.  

 The inspiration for this series comes from driving up Pacific Coast Highway during a recent summer vacation and watching the wild fires scorch the landscape in front of me.  The dry pale ground cover and brush was quickly consumed and turned into a massive dead black debris field; nothing escaped. 

Works on canvas and other media are also available.

What are the paintings about?

Time, space, physics, chemistry, mathematics, evolution, politics - the meaning of life in a nutshell. The paintings mean one thing to me and another to the viewer - it's up to them to determine their own interpretation. 

Education / Background

BS in Economics from The University of Pennsylvania's  Wharton School; 

MBA from The University of Chicago. 

* Monthly Art Column in Beacon Media Publications -  (Pasadena Independent, Arcadia Weekly, Monrovia Weekly and 20+ other publications) Circulation:  220K

* El Segundo Museum of Art (ESMoA) - Advisory Committee

* Santa Monica Museum of Art:  Board Member - 2014 - 2015

* Member Los Angeles Art Association

* Partnership Scholars Program Mentor

* CA 101 Exhibition - 2017

* Resin Gallery - Water & Wood Exhibit - 2018

* Al Muratuschi Office Exhibit - 2018

Want to visit my studio?

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